The Wu were an alien race. They were gigantic and bulky.[1]

They had a war against the Kilrathi who were led by The Emperor's father.[2]

Outcasts of the Wu could be seen in the Gar's Emporium. Some were employed as slaves.[3]

A Wu passerby was killed by unidentified shots and fell down with holes on its chest sprouting blood; Geoffrey Tolwyn and Vance Richards hid behind it, using its enormous bulk as a cover, while the creature still breathed and screamed, until they managed to sneak away to the main corridor.[1]

When the Emporium was invaded by Imperials, a Wu piloting a light transport with two heavy external engines strapped on attempted to escape. It came boring in on a collision course with the Lazarus, its mouth open in the form of a wild curse. Tolwyn aimed his guns straight at the pilot, who went straight up, only to plow into the underbelly of another ship crossing above them.[1]

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