Wraith Medium Fighter

The Wraith Medium Fighter is a fictional type of spacecraft in the Wing Commander universe. Its first appearance was in the computer game Wing Commander: Academy.


In the fictional Wing Commander universe, the Wraith fighter was successful in being the highest-performance medium fighter ever developed. Wraiths saw service oboard the TCS Lexington special operations carrier in 2669 when the Empire of Kilrah deployed its' Shok'lar-class stealth fighters in the Jakal System.

It was developed by Terran Tech Laboratories in New York in the late 2660s. In the computer game Wing Commander: Academy, the Terran Confederation Space Naval Academy's CyberSchool's holographic simulator began qualifying pilots on Wraith prototypes in 2667 and on 2669, a larger production variant of the Wraith starfighter entered the service of the Terran Confederation. The Wraith briefly held a record for being the fastest ship in space but the title was later passed on to the Arrow V starfighter.

The prototype Wraith's weapon arsenal included 2 Reaper and Particle Cannons, 2 Heat-seeking missiles, and 2 LEECH missiles. The weapon's arsenal would change in 2669, as seen in the computer game Wing Commander: Armada, onboard the TCS Lexington. This Wraith's standard weapon compliment included 2 Reaper Cannons, 2 Particle Cannon, 2 Leech missiles, 2 Spiculum IR missiles, and 2 Dart DF missiles. This Wraith was also one of the few fighter classes that was equipped with a Jump Drive.

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