Colonel Wilhelm Schwarzmont is a Terran Confederation officer, later military Historian of the Fleet and, 8 years after the Kilrathi War, a professor in the Department of Military History of the Confederation Fleet Academy.


He briefly served on Geoffrey Tolwyn's staff during the Earth Defense Campaign, and noticed the fanatical devotion of everyone who served under him, but was troubled noticing that Admiral Tolwyn lived solely for war.

In his capacity as Historian of the Fleet he was granted access to Tolwyn during his court martial. Schwarzmont interviewed him 3 times prior to his suicide. On that night he arrived at the military prison and was admitted to his cell after his body had been removed.

8 years after the Terran-Kilrathi War he was preparing complete study of the beginning of the War. Along with it, he wrote a novelization concerning the little-studied first years of the career of the late Admiral Tolwyn, being the first who addressed directly his controversial matter. His sources included Baron Vakka nar Jukaga's Kilrah Tugaga Jak-Ta Haganaska duka McAuliffe, Admiral Vance Richards's records and unpublished memoirs, Commodore Kevin Tolwyn, Rear Admiral Jason "Bear" Bonderevsky's memories, Pilot Haga Kaligara's diary and logs, Tolwyn's daughter Barbara Banbridge and Margaret Kruger.[1]


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