Vigrid is the code-name of a region of space deep in Kilrathi Empire space, such named by the Terran Confederation during Operation: Thor's Hammer.

The Confed fleed tactical data pinpointed the Sivar.

  1. However the Kilrathi were aware of their presence and were sending a massive strike against the TCS Tiger's Claw. Prankster and Knight who were recently assigned to the Black Lion squadron, flew Rapier II's as Omicron Wing. They engaged the strike force and found a Ralari-class with a Jalthi escort, followed by a wave of Krants. On their way back, they passed through wings of Grathas.
    In the meantime Maniac flew with Beta Wing.[1]
    In case the player fails to destroy the Ralari, Peter Halcyon mentions that he diverted Maniac to do it.
  2. The Claw was then ready to go after the Sivar. Halcyon had difficulty deciding which pilot to send as first strike; the Claw then would move to a new vantage point from which the remaining wings would be launched, so as the Sivar would be flanked from two separate vectors. Prankster was teamed with Knight as Omega Wing; then moved against a Fralthi-class with its Krant escort. Then they moved against the Sivar with its significant escort of Krants, Jalthis and Grathas. The Sivar was destroyed in that assault and only a wing of rogue Krants remained on their way back to the Claw.[2]

The Operation ended and the Claw returned to the Vega Sector.


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