Venture-class corvette
Venture art
Type Corvette
Class Venture
Length 80m[1]
Weapons Laser Cannons (2), Pilum FF, Javelin HS (2)[1], Gatling Mass Driver Turret, Dual Mount Laser Turrets
Shield 10/10[1]
Hull 9/8/8 cm[1]
Speed 150/200kps[1]
Yaw/Pitch/Roll 3/3/3[1]
Affiliation Terran Confederation
First appearance Wing Commander I (SM1)

The Venture-class Corvette is a class of capital ship of the Terran Confederation.


The Venture-class Corvettes have been serving with the Terran Confederation Space Navy for decades. They have been adapted for numerous roles, including VIP transport, escort, system patrols, and reconnaissance.

Ventures have proven themselves to be a capable weapon of the Terran Confederation. They fought in several theaters of the war such as the Vega Sector. The TCS Marciano jumped to Goddard in order to prevent a Kilrathi attack but it was already too late.[2]

Although the Venture is described in Claw Marks, it doesn't appear in the main Wing Commander I game at all, up until the Secret Missions.

They also saw action during Operation: Back Lash. Preceding the Battle of Vukar Tag in 2668, two Ventures infiltrated the system and gathered badly-needed intelligence on the Kilrathi presence. This intelligence gave Confed the advantage it needed to strike a major blow to the Kilrathi Empire.

Ventures served with the Confed Space Navy at least until 2681 during the Nephilim conflict.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Ventures are roughly T-shaped, with two large wings extending from the central engine section and a long crew canopy extending from the front. Two small engine pods can be found under the wings, with two turrets on top of the wings and a third under the engines. The missile pods are located on unspecified areas of the ship.

Typical armament for a Venture is two Mk. 25 Laser Cannons, occasionally one Gatling Mass Driver Turret, 1 Pilum FF, and 2 Javelin HS. These ships are small for their size so no Venture should go one-on-one with any ship larger than itself. They cannot carry any fighters.

When equipped for VIP duties, the ships are equipped with special cabins. All Ventures have the ability to sustain itself for as many as two or three years on its own supplies without returning to base. They typically carry a crew of nine men, which include the Captain, First/Helm Officer, Sentry, Astrogator, and Damage Control Officer. Along with this command crew is an engineer and three gunners for self-defense.

Known ShipsEdit


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