Venice or Kharak Tar
Planets 1 waterworld planet[1]
Other bodies Star Post
Sector Vega Sector

Venice is a star system of the Vega Sector deep into the Empire of Kilrah space, where it is known as Kharak Tar in the Kilrathi language.[1]

Background Edit

It has a habitable planet which is a water world (much like Hurricane), which was once inhabited but now only ancient ruins remain sinking into the ocean. As the Kilrathi don't like water, their base is an orbital station, a Kilrathi Star Post serving as the headquarters of the Kilrathi High Command.[1] During the Vega Campaign, the Confederate Sector Command realized the significance of the station and organized a final assault against the base.

TCS Tiger's Claw traveled here from a brief stopover in Hubble's Star, and TCS Eagle's Talon joined them after their missions in Hell's Kitchen. The end of the battle and in turn the Vega Campaign was around 2654.287.

Christopher Blair's whereabouts during this period have never been published.[2]

Carl T. LaFong flew a few missions in Rapiers with Ian St. John in that system

Following the mission Tiger's Claw headed towards Goddard for Operation: Thor's Hammer.


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