Vega map (marks)

Vega Sector in 2654. Upper part is Kilrathi space, lower part is Confed space.

Vega map (handbook)

The Vega Sector is a region of space where Terran influence borders that of the Empire of Kilrah. It borders Kilrah Sector, Sol Sector, Trk'pahn Sector and Epsilon Sector.[1]

Vega Sector is divided in quadrants including Vega Quadrant, Downing Quadrant, Day Quadrant, Robert's Quadrant.[2] It also contains a class-2 pulsar leading to the Ulysses Corridor, and Charybdis which leads to Sol system.[3]


It was firstly explored by Pilgrims who also charted the Scylla anomaly. The Scylla connects directly the Sol system to the Vega Sector.

In 2613 the Confederation started to explore and expand in the Sector[4] and by 29 they increased their penetration. That was when they made first contact with the Kilrathi, which was followed by political tension and skirmishes. In 2639 the Kilrathi attacked the planets Enyo and McAuliffe but they were soon liberated.[5] In 2640 the Kilrathi launched a major assault against Vega Sector and took about 30% Confederation systems before the Confederation took them back later that year.[1]

The TCS Tiger's Claw was assigned permanently in the Sector after routing a superior Kilrathi invasion force.[5][4] In 2649 60% of the Vega Sector Fleet was sent to invade Kilrah in a failed attempt.[5]

In 2654 the Claw played an important part during the Vega Campaign which liberated the Sector when pilots from the TCS Tiger's Claw attacked and destroyed the Star Base housing the Kilrathi High Command.[6][7]

However the Kilrathi did not abandon the Sector that easily and assigned strike patrols. However 2 Killer Bees captured a Kilrathi courier ship carrying a schematic with these assignments, giving Confed intelligence an advantage to set ambushes and nail them.[8] Indeed in 2655 it was reported that the Kilrathi had abandoned the Sector.[9]

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