The Vega Campaigm was a bloody conflict of the Kilrathi War during 2654 in the Vega Sector, where TCS Tiger's Claw played a crucial role. The TCS Eagle's Talon was also involved in a few of the regions.

Beginning from Enyo, the Confederation forces attempted to stop the Kilrathi advance in Dakota, and starting in Kurasawa, turned to the offensive and pushed their way into Empire of Kilrah space.[1] By the time the Claw reached Venice, the Kilrathi have been chased out of Brimstone, Kurasawa and Gimle, and then begun to pull out of Tartarus and Nifelheim.[2]

Venice was where they make their stand as it was where the Kilrathi Star Base with the Kilrathi High Command headquarters were installed.[3]

This campaign made many great heros and top aces including Christopher Blair, Carl T. LaFong, Jason Armstrong, and Todd Marshall.

The date of the start of the Vega Campaign differs depending on source... In the original WC1 and its manual it is set around 2654.110. According to the Pilgrim Truth its some point after .163 after Paladin's court martial and his return to the Claw. The Wing Commander I&II Ultimate Strategy Guide may have it as late as August/September 2654, but it is not specific. This wiki follows the novel timeline as to Claw's main entrance into the campaign, but considers the 2654.110 to be official start of the campaign.

The end of the campaign is generally said to be around 2654.325.

Note: There is another alternate timeline for the campaign related to LaFong see Bible timeline but this one is generally ignored as it was not officially published, it places the events of the campaign as early as .084 (which overlaps too much with the Wing Comander movie trilogy)

Theaters of the conflict were:

The order of the missions here is following the narrative of The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong. For various in-game paths see Vega Campaign (WC1)


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