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The Varni were a reptilian race. Because of their appearance the Kilrathi considered them bak, competitor predators, although they had already been a highly developed peaceful civilization.


Little is known about the Varni race, as humanity had little to no contact with them in the days of the Terran Confederation. The Varni were several millions of year older and more evolved than humans. They established was once the mighty Varni Republic consisting of ten planets.[1] They formed a highly developed and pacifist civilization; they only saw combat as a distasteful action of last resort.[2]

The Kilrathi came up to their border, and after a brief period of peace, which the Kilrathi used to figure that the Varni had superior technology, the Empire of Kilrah declared war upon them.

This assault, which happened only shortly after their first contact, was led around 2590 by Joor'rad nar Kiranka, who would later become the final Emperor of Kilrah.

The Kilrathi understimated the Varni, who fought better than expected, almost worthy of being considered chakta.[3] During the war the Varni almost managed to destroy a Kilrathi heavy cruiser with an all-out coordinated fighter attack to break down the phase shielding. However when the strike commander was killed, the attack fell apart.[4]

Despite their technological advantage, the ancient Varni had let go of the elements of despair and will to survive, unlike younger species, like the humans.[1] The Varni War ended in 30 days with the Varni all but extinct.

The surviving population was enslaved and forced to depart from their homeworlds, subjected to a thousand tortures by their captors. Some Varni refugees crossed into the Confederation border and that is how the Confederation learned about the Kilrathi. Some of them were accepted to the Confederation Service Academy.[5][6] Inside the Empire, Varni can be found as servants and slaves. Some of them are deafened (have their eardrums pierced) so that they can't overhear conversations.[2]

After the fall of the Varni Republic, the Varni only managed to launch one partially successful assault on the Kilrathi. A group of Varni prisoners overtook a Kilrathi Cruiser and using captured Varni fighters, engaged the Kilrathi forces in battle. Unfortunately, the Varni Wing Commander was killed in action, and the Kilrathi made short work of the surviving rebels.

Individual Varni[]

  • One such servant served xark to the nobles and officers when Prince Gilkarg nar Kiranka briefed them on their assault against the Confederation.[2]
  • One Varni, whose family was held captive in the lower reaches of the Imperial Palace, was forced to serve as a spy and was allowed to slip into the Confederation aong other refugees. He learned from one of Jamison More's aides about Winston Turner's infiltration into Kilrathi space.[7]
  • Other Varni served as slaves in Gar's Emporium. [6]
  • Geoff Tolwyn met a Varni watching the Grudge Pit of the Emporium, who surprisingly, had put a bet favoring a Kilrathi.[6]


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