Troy "Catscratch" Carter is a fighter pilot aboard the TCS Lexington and defected with Christopher Blair to the BWS Intrepid. His first appearance is in the computer game Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom. Troy Carter is played by actor Mark Dacascos.

Personal Biography[edit | edit source]

Troy Carter was born as a Third Generation Borderworlder, but was sent by to the Terran Naval Academy on Earth. Carter graduated top of his class and was assigned to the TCS Lexington.

Troy "Catscratch" Carter, as seen in Wing Commander 4

During the events of Wing Commander IV, Carter met the person he admired most during the Kilrathi War, Christopher Blair. He felt honored when flying alongside Blair and learned a great deal him. He confided in the Colonel about his doubts about the missions they were flying against the Border Worlds on board the Lexington.

When Blair chose to defect, Catscratch joined him, along with several others. Together, they went on board the BWS Intrepid. There, he continued to fight bravely, and while not flying, he would flirt with the ship's Chief Comm Tech Velina Sosa. Both Sosa and Carter began to develop a relationship. While on the side of the Border Worlds, Catscartch felt wrong about shooting down former comrades. Blair advises him and Catscratch is now able to fly properly and with confidence. However, Carter, taking advice and listening to Maniac, went on a solo mission and was forced to eject from his fighter. Carter was rescued by Blair, but his "maniac" style tactics got him put on probation as Blair was unable to ground him due to their carrier already being shorthanded on pilots as it was.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Whether Catscratch dies or not is up to the player. He can die in the Circe/Speradon campaigns while recovering the enemy satellite because he will be forced to eject due to enemy fire. The player must choose to pick him up or not. If the player does so, Catscratch can be saved if you defeat the enemies that surround him quickly. If you take too much time fighting the enemy pilots, Catscratch will self-destruct his ship, taking his life with it as well. This will have little effect on the game play itself, and will not hurt the player's relationships with other characters. If not, Catscratch's death will have little effect on the game itself, but it will hurt the player's relationships with other characters.

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