The Treaty of Luna was an agreement between the native inhabitants of Earth and the Pilgrim Alliance in or after 2462.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Great Pandemics, Earth suffered an ecocatastrophe. During the period the planet was under quarantine, the Pilgrims considered the prospect that Earth was Hell and it was their sacred duty to leave the Sol System behind. However the ecocatastrophe passed and the quarantine was lifted, and the Sol System was once more opened to the inhabitants of Earth.

This alerted the Pilgrim Alliance and in 2462 a heavily armed sloship entered orbit around Luna, demanding a meeting with Earth's leaders. The summit resulted in the Treaty of Luna. The treaty defined the following:

  • Establishment of Pilgrim title to all habitable worlds within 50 years sloship distance.
  • Terra forsook all sloship exploration of other systems
  • Pilgrims would not interfere with Sol system affairs.
  • A few, strictly limited trade agreements.

However, the treaty was made during a time when Earth was recovering from the ecocatastrophe and had as of yet no concern nor desire in space exploration, and no interceding interest. With the advent of the Akwende Drive, the native Terrans started to explore other star systems for the first time, which the Pilgrims considered a violation of the Treaty. The Terran Confederation responded that the accords refer to sloship colonization which was now obsolete; and direct encroachment on Pilgrim space, which they were respecting.

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