Thrakhra-class ConCom
Type ConCom
Launched Before 2652[1]
Length 490m[1]
Mass 27000t[1]
Weapons Laser Turrets (2), ship-to-planet missiles, Torpedo Tubes (10)[1]
Shield Fore and aft meson shields[1]
Hull 32/26/20[1]
Speed 150/200kps[1]
Crew ~200 + 50 warriors (est.)[1]
Affiliation Empire of Kilrah
Fighters ~12 (est.)[1]
Equipment Fighter deck[1]
Events Terran-Kilrathi War
First appearance Wing Commander film

The Thrakhra-class ConCom is a modified Thrakhra-class transport ship design in the Kilrathi fleet serving administrative purposes.


The Thrakhra was first observed by the Terran Confederation in 2652 but there may have been other uncorfimed sightings before. Its function represented a shift in Kilrathi strategic planning.[1]

It seems that its tactical purpose is to follow battleships and then complete cleanup operations after an attack, while the battleships pursue fleeing ships or regroup.[1]

During the Terran-Kilrathi War at least seven such individual vessels have been seen in action.[1]

Against concom

Two Rapiers against a ConCom

After the destruction of the Pegasus Station, one ConCom received the NAVCOM with the coordinates to Sol Sector. While patrolling the D-5 asteroid field it detected the presence of two CF-117b Rapiers, piloted by Jeannette Devereaux and Christopher Blair, revealing Terran Confederation presence near the asteroid field. Later, it was attacked by Confederation marines from the CS Tiger Claw who boarded the ship in order to steal fuel cells. During the intrusion they also discovered the NavCom.[2]


The Thrakhra is an oddity in the Kilrathi arsenal as it has limited offensive capacity (2 laser turrets), designed only for fleet command and communications. It carries a small number of ships for its escorts. Its size is comparable to a Fralthi-class, therefore Confederation Intelligence estimated its crew to be around 200 composed by fleet support specialists such as strategists, intelligence analysts and sensor/communication technicians. It might also carry a small contingent of 50 warriors.[1]



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