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Terrans or Humans are the native sentient species of Earth or Terra, and the main race that forms the Terran Confederation.


The humans evolved on Earth from apes and developed technology that allowed them to colonize the local Sol system, then the wider Sol Sector and others.[1]

During the 22nd century there was enormous public and political pressure to begin colonization of space. The SECC did not certify any real danger for pregnant women to travel off-planet, although the subject was under-researched. Drs. Gray and Bauer lobbied the United Nations to fund further tests but it did not materialize.[2]

People received living visas to come to the stations were gene-typed. Stationers who applied for parenting permits were again gene-typed and cross-checked for potential problems. A few weeks after conception, the embryo was checked for genetic imperfections, and any "unviable" embryos were either aborted or returned in vivo to Earth. It was noted in the early days of colonization that despite the gene-typing to prevent defects and mutations, the number of such occurrences was unusual. Statistics varied from station to station.[2]

After 6 generations, social dynamics began to form castes and ghettos in the stations. The colonists with less fital or intellectual occupations were assigned living quarters closer to the hull of the ship. Over time, hairstyles and dialects began to diverge, andcame the first real evidence of Space Syndrome Mutation. Initially these were attributed to low gravity etc, but K.J. Ludwick noticed a correlation of mutations with parents living closer to the edge of the station or the Sol system. The phenomenon was attributed to the "Planck Radiation".[2]

Physical deformities were under scrutiny and such embryos were not brought to term, however individuals with mutations that manifested as unusual abilities or characteristics were unnoticed, and after some generations, the Savants emerged.[2]

This migration saw the branching of a new offshoot of humans, the Pilgrims, whereas the terrestrial humans suffered from various ecocatastrophes before eventually resume their expansion to the stars.[1]


"Is this the best the apes have to offer?"
― Kilrathi taunt

In Terran terms, the humans form the template of what is considered "humanoid". During the Kilarthi War, the Kilrathi called them "apes" and "monkey boys".[3]

Colonization to planets of different radiation and atmospheric conditions might have resulted to different offshoots of humans, acquiring different pigmentation of skin, hair and eye color.[4]

The above is suggested in the Academy TV series although this is never referenced as such. Characters like Lindsay Price or Allen Goetz might belong to offshoots who have been mutated in different planetary conditions.

Compared to other sentient species they have their own traits. For example they are less accustomed to privation compared to Kilrathi and need more efficient life support systems while in space.[5]


Terrans are driven by their viology and instincts more than they would admit, but significantly less than the Kilrathi.

They were more diverse than the homogenous Kilrathi; human civilization with many cultures and even contradicting religions, would seem to a Kilrathi as if composed of many species instead of one.[6]