Planets Tartarus[1], Lethe[2]
Other bodies Tartarus Port
Affiliation Disputed[3]
Sector Vega Sector[3]
Jump links T'set Mehr, Dakota[3]

Tartarus is a star system of the Vega Sector, situated in the borders of the Kilrathi Empire[4] it is claimed both by the Terran Confederation and the Empire.[3]

By 2638 the Confed maintained a base. CS Iason visited that base for repairs.[5]

In 2639 the Kilrathi attacked Tartarus and Hellespont.[3]

According to the Handbook, declaration of war came soon after those attacks.

In 2641 James Taggart, having escaped Kilrathi capture, was abandoned on Tartarus Port. He found a public communications booth located in the Commercial Customs section of the station and contacted the Confed.[6]

During the Kilrathi War it became one the biggest Kilrathi colony. In the late stages of the Vega Campaign, Terran Confederation forces pushed inside the borders of the Empire of Kilrah and attacked the system as well as Nifelheim. There was a ground battle on Tartarus and footage was shown on the trid. Eventually the colony fell to the Confederation.[7][1]

Christopher Blair's specific actions here are unknown.[8]

Jason Armstrong had a mission here, in which he assisted in the defection of Ralgha nar Hhallas.[9]

Freedom Flight tells a different account of Hobbes defection which includes Ian St. James. Star*Soldier suggests events of Secret Missions 1.5 occur between events of Secret Missions 1 and Secret Missions 2. However, no explanation is made explaining the two attempts at 'defection'.


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