Tagugar is a Kilrathi war tactic which involves suicide to destroy an enemy. Doing this is considered the highest honor, and enhances the strength of the volunteer's clans.

Warriors volunteered to commit tagugar before a battle to attain the highest honor. Until leaving for their mission they are treated as semi-divine, and females who gave birth to their cubs are held in honor, and their offspring granted the honorific ka-tagu.

Historical instance[edit | edit source]

Tagugar volunteers agreed to a suicide mission in order to destroy a Confederation frigate monitoring the frontier between the Kilrathi Empire and the Confederation.

On the wake of the McAuliffe Ambush, the volunteers were to pilot two light smuggler-type craft carrying a warhead, and pretend that they are pursued by Kilrathi ships, into the demilitarized zone before McAuliffe. The "smugglers" would then approach the Confederation frigate who is on picket duty in front of the jump point to McAuliffe, and once overhauled, they would detonate the warhead, killing themselves and destroying the frigate. Thus the arrival of the 6 carriers of the Second Fleet of the Claw that moved against Base McAuliffe would arrive, and then jump to the McAuliffe, undetected and without warning.[1]

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