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The TCS Mount St. Helens is a massive Vesuvius-class Heavy Carrier that exists in the fictional Wing Commander universe. It appears in Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom.


The TCS Mount St. Helens is the second of the brand-new Vesuvius-class Heavy Carriers, which were commissioned and assembled in 2673 after the Kilrathi War by the Terran Confederation. The St. Helens was the sister ship to the TCS Vesuvius, the lead ship of its class. It was most likely assembled in the Sol System in Mars orbit like the Vesuvius was. Like the Vesuvius, the St. Helens had superior defensive and offensive armament to those of other capital ships and could carry 400 fighters. However, the ship took longer to construct than the Vesuvius due to numerous problems with the shields and guns, and therefore was not available on the frontlines during the Black Lance Conspiracy of 2673.

During 2673, the Black Lance, an elite special forces unit led by rogue Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn, were harassing Confed and Union of Border Worlds vessels in order to to instigate war between the two sides for personal gains. They used ships from both sides to cover up their true involvement. However, Border Worlds forces on the BWS Intrepid, led by rogue Colonel Christopher Blair, discovered the plot and journeyed to Earth to stop the Great Assembly from declaring war on the Union of Border Worlds. The Intrepid was pursued by the far more powerful Vesuvius and was about to be destroyed when the unexpected happened. Captain William Eisen, who also was working to expose the conspiracy within Confed, hijacked the Mount St. Helens with a skeleton crew and came to Blair's aid. The St. Helens faced the Vesuvius and managed to cause severe damage to the ship. Both the St. Helens and the Intrepid then pursued the Vesuvius to Earth.

The St. Helens fought hard and well under Eisen's command, but the ship, having technical flaws in its defensive capabilities, was forced to retreat after sustaining too much damage. Blair later managed to finish off the Vesuvius and was able to reveal the conspiracy to the Assembly and prevent was between the two nations.

The Mount St. Helens was eventually repaired and returned to Confed service. Presumably, the ship finished construction and remains active as of 2681, the year in which the Nephilim invaded.

Specifications - TCS Mount St. Helens[]


Length: 1,600 meters

Mass: 250,000 meters


Maximum Velocity: 150 k/s

Cruise Velocity: 100 k/s

Acceleration: Bad

Maximum Yaw: 6 deg/s

Maximum Pitch: 6 deg/s

Maximum Roll: 6 deg/s


Fore Shields: Phase Shields

Aft Shields: Phase Shields


Forward: 4,000 cm

Left: 4,000 cm

Right: 4,000 cm

Rear: 4,000 cm


  • 14x Dual Mount Anti-Matter Guns
  • 16x Mass Driver Turrets
  • 24x Dual Mount Laser Turrets
  • 2x Torpedo Tubes

Fighter Complement[]

  • 400 Starfighters

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