The TCS Midway is a heavy carrier in the Terran Confederation Navy. Her first appearance was in the computer game Wing Commander: Prophecy.

History[edit | edit source]

The TCS Midway was the first Midway-class Carrier to be launched. Launched in a time of peace, the Midway had only space pirates to deal with but then encountered a new threat in the galaxy, one far worse than the Kilrathi.

While investigating a distress call from a Kilrathi fleet, a wing of Confederation fighters is attacked by an unknown alien race. The Midway is forced to hold off the unknown race, and forced to retreat. During her tour, the Midway encounters the aliens, which was named the Nephilim, almost wherever they went. Shortly afterwards, Confederation marines manage to capture a Nephilim Kraken-class shipkiller. The Midway gains the Kraken's plasma weapon and mounts the ship's huge plasma weapon on the Midway's hull.

By the time the Midway reaches Hrissith system, the plasma weapon is fully mounted in to the Midway's systems and with the aid of a targeting disk which acted as a catalyst when attached to an alien ship, the Midway was able to destroy a small Nephilim fleet with the plasma weapon. However, the drain on Midway's power plant resulted in the plasma weapon being unusable due to the high probability of a fatal power overload.

The Midway forces the Nephilim to retreat back to the Kilrah system, where the Nephilim have a large wormhole in the system which enables their fleets to jump straight in to Confederation space. The Midway and her crew are able to destroy the wormhole indefinitely, removing the Nephilim threat. In Wing Commander: Prophecy (Secret Operations), after the Nephilim encounter, the TCS Midway returns to Sol system to be refitted and return to her tour of duty.

Some time later, a second Midway-class Carrier was launched, the TCS Coral Sea (CVX-2).

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