A Terran Confederation troopship, part of the of the Honor Guard for the Diplomatic Corps that arrived to Firekka system. It carried several squadrons of Marines.

Although nowhere mentioned, it's possible that the "troopship" is a Drayman-class.

When the KIS Ras Nik'hra announced its defection to the Terran Confederation, several troopships were sent out, in case it was needed to board and capture the ship. Holmen reached the Fralthi-class first and Kirha gave them instructions to board them from the aft airlock. When the ship docked, Ralgha nar Hhallas opened the airlock door for them; Major Kristi Marks offered him treatment in the ship's Sickbay.[1]

After a brief oposition, its marines reported that they managed to board and take command of the ship. They also reported that another Fralthi, the KIS Kraj'nishk was on an interception course with Ras Nik'hra and pilots were sent to assist.[2]

In the game, Ras Nik'hra is boarded by the TCS Austin. Major Marks is assigned to the TCS General Powell instead.


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