TCS General Powell is a Drayman-class transport. With a crew of 25, it was one of the transports that brought 150 Confederation Marines of Company Zebra to Firekka to assist the Firekkans against the Kilrathi.

On its way to the TCS Tiger's Claw it was attacked and boarded. Angel and Sorcerer were to meet with the Powell, but it didn't show up.[1]

As it was taken off-system, the marines broke out of the cargo hold and tried to retake the ship sustaining heavy casualties; 8 hours after the attack Major Kristi Marks managed to send a message to the Claw. The Kilrathi realized that the marines retook the ship and Hhriss started to destroy it. Prankster and Doomsday flew refitted Dralthi Mk. II to assist, as the Powell mini-jumped. The pilots protected the ship from more adversaries and escorted it to the Claw where the survivors were taken to its Sickbay.[2]


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