The Formidable is an Exeter-class destroyer assigned near Hilthos in Sol Sector and also Vega Sector.[1] The CO was Della Guardia. It is one of several ships used for flight training purposes in Sol Sector before continuing training on the front lines. It was part of a one year program.

Carl T. LaFong, Todd Marshall and Christopher Blair and two others (Jason Armstrong, Lyle Starbuck and/or James J. Jones) were transferred to the Formidable, where they spent the latter six months of 2653 on board for flight training (CSF Flight School) near Sirius.[2][3]

Blair had only been on the bridge a few times.[1] He had been assigned to a berth with 17 other pilots.[4]

In early 2654 the Formidable jumped into Ardai system in the Vega Sector to begin six months of system defense training[5].

Todd Marshall and Christopher Blair would leave the Formidable early. During his senior year at the Academy, Blair left the Formidable and returned back to the Academy briefly, before being transferred to the TCS Tiger's Claw and both graduated early in Q1 2654.

Carl T. LaFong remained behind to finish his training. For whatever reason, in middle of 2654, Todd Marshall transferred back from the Claw, rejoining Carl T. LaFongwho was finishing training. They would have unofficial graduation ceremony on the ship. They transferred to the Claw in Ardai System around June to August/September 2654. Five other individuals remained behind. Latter Jason Armonstrong and Lyle Starbuck were transferred to the Claw as well.

During the Vega Campaign, the Formidable arrived to Kurasawa to assist the Terran Confederation sieges against the Kilrathi installations and soon came under Kilrathi attack. LaFong and Kien Chen attempted to protect the ship and escort it to TCS Tiger's Claw.[6] LaFong met with his former commander Della Guardia afterwards.

Technically Jason Armstrong and Lyle Starbuck and Christopher Blair also took part in the Kurasawa Series and were in other wings protecting the Formidable as well. All though its not clear if they all flew out to protect the Formidable at the same time, but over the course of several missions taking place in the same few days.



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