Sol system
Planets Mercury
Other bodies Scylla[1]
Affiliation Terran Confederation
Sector Sol Sector
Quadrant Terra Quadrant[2]
Jump links Ella
Alpha Centauri[3]

Sol is a system from which humans originate. It is located in the Terra Quadrant of the Sol Sector.

Scylla is located to the outskirts of the system leading to the Vega Sector.[1]


Starting from Earth, humans explored their planetary system with rocket spacecraft and the United Nations established presence on Luna, Mars and Titan. The discovery of the fusion drive allowed safer and more practical interplanetary travel. The first permanent planetary settlement was the Olympia Station in 2167. In less than a century, the UN established further permanent colonies on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn; research facilities on the moons of Uranus and Neptune, and explored Pluto. The outer planets became sources of heavy industrial metals and as Earth's resources were depleted, humans became more reliant to them.[2] Dr. Shari Akwende discovered between a patch between the orbits of Pluto and Neptune pulling antigravitons.[1]


After 2219, when Luna Station was lost with the first of the Great Pandemic, Earth system was put in quarantine and the outer planets sealed themselves off entirely from earth. The colonists relied now on their resources and became self-sustaining. The ice caps of the larger moons and rings of Saturn provided them with oxygen and water, Mars and the asteroid belt had prolific mineral resources while the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn provided exotic compounds. By the year 2250, there were nineteen fully functional space stations in Sol system.[4]

The richer and healthier "extraterrestrials" became more and more distanced from Earth, partly thanks to the teachings of Ivar Chu McDaniel of Neptune, who preached that they are the "Elect" who have the sacred duty to leave the system (which is Limbo) and migrate to the universe (to reach Heaven). His followers controled the Outer Planets Policy Council and with the discovery of the Morvan Drive, in less than a century, the human population throughout the Sol System was diminished to less than 1/4. Other than a trade route between Titan and the Centauri, the Pilgrims had cut off contact from Sol.[2]

When the quarantine was lifted in 2423 the humans of Earth started to repopulate the system. The Terrans resigned themselves to dome colonization or terraforming of the Sol planets, and established about 12 station colonies.[5] From there thanks to the Akwende Drive they moved to other systems and sectors. In the 27th century the Port of Titan space station was the main base for all jump-ships.[2]

During the Terran-Kilrathi War, the Kilrathi gained access to the NAVCOM A.I. and coordinates to Sol system, but the TCS Concordia battle group anticipated their attack.[6]


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