The Sol-Central space station is an installation in the Sol sector. It houses the base of the Confederation High Command. It also served as a hub for individuals before or after visiting Earth, served by shuttles.


Its metal corridors teemed with Terrans and non-humans.[1] Color-strips on the metal walls showed the direction to various sections.[2]

It contained several offices, a brig section, barracks for the transient officers and and Observation Deck.[1][2]


During the Kilrathi War, the captured Fralthi-class KIS Ras Nik'hra was taken there for study.[3] The Kilrathi defectors Ralgha nar Hhallas and Kirha were also taken there.[1] Paladin was reassigned to the Station for a few months to learn as much as possible about Kilrathi internal affairs from Kirha, and then be assigned to Bonnie Heather off on some special missions.[2]

K'Kai was taken to the Station to bring her case about the captured Firekkan leaders in the Ghorah Khar Station before the High Command but the Terrans couldn't afford a rescue attempt.[1]

When the TCS Tiger's Claw came to the Sol system, officers like Hunter visited the station on their way downside for a leave, and returned to the station after the leave on their way back to the carrier.[2]


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