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Snakeir-class super-dreadnought
Manufacturer nar Kiranka clan
Type Carrier/Missile platform[1]
Launched Before 2649[1]
Length 915m[1]
Mass 67000t[1]
Weapons point-defense missiles (42), Laser Turrets (6), Torpedo tubes (14)[1]
Shield Fore and aft meson shield[1]
Hull 28/36/24[1]
Speed 100/150kps[1]
Crew 400 to 600 officers and crew (est.), 500 warriors[1]
Affiliation Empire of Kilrah
Fighters ~200 or more (est.)[1]
Events Terran-Kilrathi War

The Snakeir-class is a battleship serving the Empire of Kilrah, the largest known in the Kilrathi arsenal.


The Snakeir was first observed by the Terran Confederation in late 2649. It serves as a large carrier but also as an orbital missile platform against planetary targets. It often escorts Kilrathi transports to the front, and is usually accompanied by at least 3 destroyers or cruisers, guarded by an escort of 12 KF-402 Krants. They all bear the markings of the nar Kiranka house, suggesting that they are sponsored by the Kilrathi Emperor, but not other clans.[1]

During the Terran-Kilrathi War the Confederation met with 51 individual Snakeirs; 4 were destroyed in battle and 2 lost in other mishaps.[1]

Snakeir in scylla

Grist'Ar'Roc destroyed by Scylla.

KIS Grist'Ar'Roc followed pilot Christopher Blair to the Charybdis and the Sol system until it was lured to the Scylla where it was destroyed.[2]


The Snakeir is similar to the Sivar-class, and the largest known warship of the Kilrathi. It can launch high-orbital and interplanetary munitions (such as skipper missiles) against static targets. The Confed estimates that it has a complement of officers and crew between 400 and 600, accompanied by 500 warriors trained both as pilots and marines.[1]

It has a mass of 200,000 tons (with a total of 200,461 tons with cargo/ships on board).Wing Commander film

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