The Snakeir-class Carrier was a Kilrathi capital ship in the Wing Commander universe. These carriers served under the Kilrathi Empire.


The Snakeir-class Carriers served the Kilrathi Navy for a long period of time.

The original Snakeir-class carriers were first commissioned in 2649, and they served as the Kilrathi Navy's primary fleet carrier by the 2650s. The Snakeir-class Carriers, specification-wise, were suppose to be equal to the Terran Confederation's Bengal class carrier, although the Bengal-class Strike Carriers were much more heavily armed than the Snakier-class Carriers. This meant that the Snakeirs were not much of a match against Confederation fleet carriers. Propulsion systems on the Snakier carriers were not as advanced as the Confederation's, but were able to accelerate much faster than Confederation carriers.

These carriers are solely commandeered by members of the Kiranka clan, the ruling clan of the Kilrathi War. These crews normally held 400-600 Kilrathi. At least 51 Snakeirs are known to have existed, and several have been lost in combat. Two Snakeirs were destroyed in accidents, and five were destroyed in combat. Some Snakeirs measure to be 915 meters long, and others are 300-400 meters long. They would later see a size reduction.

At least one Snakeir was in the Ardai System overseeing the tests of the new Hhriss Experimental Fighter, and have been used to defend Jakarta and to oversee the Sivar Eshrad Ceremony on Firekka during the Defense of Firekka in 2655. Brigadier General James Taggart was the first man to lead a successful strike against a Snakeir, which resulted in that vessel's destruction. Christopher Blair destroyed the KIS Grist'Ar'Roc in the Sol System and destroyed two other carriers on a single patrol during the Defense of Firekka.

Snakeirs continued to serve throughout the rest of the War, and several of them fought in the bloody Battle of Earth in 2668. They would later be outranked by the much newer Snakeir II and Bhantkara-class fleet carriers.

Specifications - Snakeir-class CarrierEdit


Length: 600-4,000 meters

Mass: 15,000-200,461 tons


Maximum Velocity: 150 kps

Cruise Velocity: 100 kps

Acceleration: Poor

Maximum Yaw: 1 dp

Maximum Pitch: 1 dp

Maximum Roll: 1 dp


Fore Shields: 27 cm

Aft Shields: 37 cm


Forward: 28 cm

Left: 36 cm

Right: 36 cm

Rear: 24 cm

Armament (Variable)Edit

Fighter Complement (Variable)Edit

  • 144-150 Stafighters
  • 200 Starfighters

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