An annual ceremony of the Kilrathi cult of Sivar whose purpose is to appease the warrior-god and be successful on the battlefield.[1]

Briefing dialogue refers to "Way of Lord Sivar", which is probably its translation from the Kilrathi language.

Every year, 9500 priestesses of Sivar correlate the positions of 25768 solar systems and through astronomical and astrological calculations, they locate a planet for the Holy Dedication.[2] Warriors are eager to participate and massive amounts of fleets and armaments are gathered, even withdrawing from other frontiers of the war. Even the Crown Prince is also present.[3][4]

The Holy Dedication site must be taken by warfare, as conflict hallows the site. The enemy who fall dead by the warriors who serve the ceremony are considered sacrifices to Sivar and the Kilrathi warriors that perish in the ensuing battle become Sivar's favored servants in the afterlife; thus the bloodier the conflict, the holier the site, and more pleasing to Sivar.[5][6]

Nonbelieves are not allowed, and those who are not converted are killed. This was the case with Dr. C.L. Kohl who attempted to secretly observe the ceremony on Ghorah Khar; thanks to him the Terran Confederation gathered evidence about this event.[2] The Confed learned more about it from Ralgha nar Hhallas when the Kilrathi prepared to attack Firekka.[7]

Failure or disruption of the ceremony is considered hybris and a bad omen, affecting the morale of Kilrathi warriors who become reluctant to fight. This was the case when joint forces of Confederation Marines and Firekkans disrupted the ceremony on the planet.[8] Such cases are interpreted as a rejection by Sivar because he is displeased with those who sponsor it. Every ill that befalls those who survived is attributed to the loss of divine favor. The warriors who sacrificed themselves are simply Sivar's fighters in the afterlife, standing between the Light of Sivar and the Great Dark. Same applies to those left behind, as their souls are in peril should they lose their lives within the next year. Now fearing death, those once eager to die, return in all haste to Kilrathi Empire space so that they can make amends in their temples and be purified.[6]


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