Sirius system
Planets Sirius, Sirius Prime, Gilead, Warsaw
Affiliation Pilgrim Alliance,[1], Proxima Terran Confederation
Sector Sol Sector[1]
Quadrant Terra Quadrant[1]
Jump links Sol, Tikopal, Luyten, Weslyn[1]

Sirius (aka Sirius A-B) is a binary star system in the Sol Sector. It circles Sirius A and Sirius B. It lies extremely close to the Hilthros system.

Sirius is a star system in the Sol Sector and a short distance from the Sol System. Prior to its destruction in 2668, it was a major territory of the Terran Confederation.

Note: Some fans interpret that Hilthros is a planet in Sirius system, based on the references to Hilthros in various sources (and both planets being in a binary star system). The events of Red and Blue have been described as occurring both in/front Hilthros and Sirius. Wing Commander novel specifically does mention a Hilthros system and describes the events of Blue and Red there (but the Movie guide seems to describe it at Sirius). This could even suggest that they are the same planet.

Background Edit

It was the destination of Ivar Chu McDaniel and 1200 colonists using a Morvan Drive to leave the Sol system in 2311. The first colony ship (with McDaniel himself) disappeared, however it soon became one of the self-sustaining settlements of the Pilgrims. Contact with the maternal Sol system was limited, other than an occasional semicovert trading mission Sirius maintained with Mars or Titan.

During the Pilgrim War the Terran Confederation Grand Fleet surprised and conquered Sirius and other systems of the Pilgrim Alliance.[1]

Sirius housed the CSF Flight School where Christopher Blair and Todd Marshall trained, when they were assigned to six months on the TCS Formidable.[2]

It may be the location of the planet Hilthros, where the Terran Confederation Naval Space Academy is located (based on some sources).

Sirius was a highly-populated system with at least three major colonies on Sirius Prime, Warsaw, and Gilead. As of 2668, it was home to at least two billion Terrans altogether. 

During the year 2668, the Kilrathi Empire launched a massive assault on the Sol Sector with its newly-refurbished fleet, intending to destroy the Terran homeworld of Earth. They passed through the Sirius System while en route. Desperate to stave them off, the Terran Navy sent every available ship and pilot to stop the Kilrathi while they were still in Sirius, resulting in the Battle of Sirius. 

Despite the undeniable bravery of the inferior Terran fleet, they were hopelessly outgunned and sustained enormous casualties before finally retreating. The Kiralthi then launched thermonuclear warheads on Sirius Prime, Warsaw, and Gilead, slaughtering over two billion people. The Kilrathi continued onward to Earth, where the surviving remnants of the Terran fleet fought to the death to save their planet.


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