Wing Commander canon is a shared universe.

Background[edit | edit source]

It is made up of various sources: games, manuals, novels, movies, guides, and other sources. Most (if not all of these sources) of these sources have an in-universe perspective, and thus are subject to 'unreliable narrators'. Do this this fact sources may not be consistent with each other (and exist outside the bounds of traditional 'retcons', though obviously newer sources do retcon older sources, on many occasions). However due to this 'shared' nature of the universe, no source is generally considered 'more accurate' or more 'canonical' than other source. But rather a series made up of different historians, filmmakers, writers, pilots, who have seen the 'universe' from different perspectives and opinions.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • WC1 and 2 are games are in-universe holovids by Tristam Roberts, based on the memoirs of Carl T. LaFong (and lesser extent Christopher Blair).
  • Super Wing Commander is the memoirs/holovid of Jason Armstrong.
  • WC3 and WC4 are apparently in-universe holovids too, and the 'novels' are the 'true accounts' but also presumably from an in-universe perspective.
  • WC5 is apparently a holovid as well. The manuals/website materials detail the 'true outcomes' but also from an in-universe perspective.
  • Wing Commander Arena and Academy are generally believed to be in-universe 'simulation programs'. The manuals tied to them are in-universe historical information (by various POVs both Kilrathi and Confeds).
  • The Animated Series again might be from in-universe perspective as well.
  • Most of the materials related to WC:Movie are also treated as in-universe conceit. See the Movie guide.
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