Sam Walker, better known as Shotglass was a veteran Terran Confederation pilot. Having reached the rank of Major,[1] he retired and worked in the Rec Room of the TCS Tiger's Claw.


Before the Terran-Kilrathi War Sam Walker used to fly with James Taggart on the Tiger's Claw[2]. In his youth he flew with CF-105 Scimitars[3] and Raptors, which he preferred.[4]

He also flew with Tanaka Mariko as her wing commander.[5]


Shotglass in the Claw bar

At some point Major Walker was injured and retired to become the resident bartender of the TCS Tiger's Claw.

When Shotglass was not on shift, his Rec Room served only sugar-water soda drinks from the automatic dispenser.[6]

Shortly before the Vega Campaign, Bishop once owed a weeks pay to Shotglass.[7]

During the Pilgrim Uprising, Shotglass noted that Jeanette Deveraux had rarely been seen outside of her quarters four days (on around 2654.142). On 2654.153, Shotglass stood behind the bar and raised his bushy brow over the adult magazine he was "reading" alone only with Ian St. John and Christopher Blair.[8] Shotglass brought Blair his usual a greyhound, and left without a word. Even old Shot knew Blair wasn't talking to his old squad mates in First Squadron.

After Jason Armstrong's first mission with Spirit, Sam tells him to go speak to Maniac about the rumors of a new kilrathi secret weapon. He cautions him to not necessarily believe him, as he is prone to exaggeration.

Shotglass was thought to have died when the Tiger's Claw was destroyed, along with Colonel Peter Halcyon, Lefty, and 750 other crew who were on board.[9]

However, Shotglass once gave the captain of the TCS Concordia a pair of brass wings following the events of K'tithrak Mang.[10]


He was the cousin of Zach Siegler[11]. Some years ago he owned a parakeet, similar to the Firekkans.[12]


Behind the scenesEdit

His real name is never mentioned in the original Wing Commander I. In SM1 Bluehair refers once to him as "Sam".[13] He is referred to as Sam by Jason Armstrong in Secret Missions 1.5. Production documents, although containing early information that is at points obsoleted, confirm that his full name is "Maj. Sam Walker (Ret.)" and that Shotglass was his callsign.


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