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Planets Rostov III[1]
Other bodies Asteroids
Affiliation Terran Confederation
Jump links Kurasawa[2]

A star system in the Vega Sector,[2] inside Terran Confederation space, but not officially colonized because of sentient aliens. It is rich in asteroids and minerals.


During the Vega Campaign the Empire of Kilrah considered to invade it and the TCS Tiger's Claw was assigned to protect it[1] after its tour in Kurasawa

Christopher Blair's specific actions during this period have never been published.[3]

Carl T. LaFong and Michael Casey flew a few missions together in the system flying Raptors.

1.At first they patroled the system for Kilrathi forces that invaded the system. After fighting an ambush of Dralthis, they attacked a Dorkir-class along with its vanguard of Grathas.[1]

At this time Maniac had been flying with Paladin. He had lost a transport by accidently shooting it with a Pilum during an escort mission. LaFong was stuck having to talk with him again, the second time since Cheng-Du. But he didn't want to be angry with him, just console him for making a bad mistake, and how to prevent it in the future.[4] He found Maniac already drunk when he came into the bar. He was upset that fourteen had died because of his actions. Paladin was mad at him, and Halcyon had suspended his flight privileges until a board meeting could be convened. He had been the first pilot in its 10 year history to destroy a friendly. He told Maniac to hang in there.[5]

The next day, Carl T. LaFong thanked Iceman for the advice he gave him during the previous mission, the day before.

2. The Kilrathi however continued to strengthen their presence in the system. A Ralari-class arrived escorted by Jalthis, and the pilots were sent to destroy it, fighting 2 waves of Salthis along the way.[6]

3. Finally, a Fralthi-class jumped into the system with an escort of Krants. Its presence was detected by Tactical, and the pilots went to investigate. They engaged it along with its escort, and a Dralthi ambush hidden in an asteroid field.[7]

The Kilrathi fleet had to flee Rostov before the advancing Human warships. Some warriors who had descended to Rostov III, were stranded there and were captured by the native Mopoks.[7]

While the Claw operated there, Shotglass invented a drink called Rostov Hairball.[6]

Following the missions the Claw traveled briefly to Hubble's Star to assist the Talon in its refueling efforts.


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