Repleetah is a backwater colony world located on the frontier of the Terran Confederation and within the Union of Border Worlds. It sustained a relatively small human population and it was depicted as a hot and dry desert world littered with rock formations. The humans who lived on Repleetah were Terran scientists, dedicated to research and the development of new technologies for humanity.

After humanity's first contact with the Kilrathi in 2629, Kilrathi scientists also came to inhabit the planet so that they may conduct their own research for the Kilrathi Empire. Despite heightening tensions between their two races, the scientists all agreed that Repleetah would remain a neutral territory dedicated strictly to research and technological advancement.

Despite the fact that the Kilrathi War began in 2634, this news did not reach Repleetah until 2654, twenty years into the War. The reasons for this are unexplained, but it is known that during that year, the human scientists approached their Kilrathi counterparts in order to confirm that they had no interest in joining in the ensuing conflict raging across the galaxy, and that they were still dedicated to research. However, during this meeting, the Kilrathi slaughter the human scientists with biological weapons, prompting both sides to send marines to retake Repleetah, starting the Battle of Repleetah.

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