Prince Ratha was the eldest son of Crown Prince Gilkarg nar Kiranka and elder brother of Thrakhath.

He was sitting behind the throne of his father during the court proceedings that decided a war against the Terrans. Everyone knew that Gilkarg had ambitions of achieving glory leading a conquest against the Terran Confederation. Hearing Lord Vakka's objections, that would hold his family's glory aback, Ratha showed up and accused him for cowardice; he was stopped by his father, saying that the ceremonial dagger is on the ground and a blood challenge can't be made. When Vakka brought up the matter of the darkness from the center of the galaxy threatening their borders, Ratha again showed up saying that it is exactly the reason why they must strike the Confederaton now, once more accusing him for fear. The tense silence was broken by his father who signaled him to back away, with his gaze fixed on Vakka.[1]


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