F44 RapierEdit

F44 was a precursor to the CF-117 and the later F-44 II.

CF-117 RapierEdit

A series of Rapiers introduced towards early 2450s and phased out during later half of 2654 and replaced with the F-44 Rapier II.[2]

CF-117 Rapier was introduced by the Wing Commander film that was released around the time of Prophecy. Star*Soldier attempted to to incorporate movie information into the game.

F-44 Rapier IIEdit

Dragon, Bandit, Maverick (Christopher Blair), Maniac (Todd Marshall), Prankster (Carl T. LaFong)... a disproportionate number of the war’s top twenty aces served with Rapier II squadrons.

F-54C RapierEdit

Rapier (SWC)Edit

Numbered RapiersEdit


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