Ralari-class destroyer
Type Destroyer
Launched Shortly before 2640
Length 385m[1]
Mass 18000t[1]
Weapons Laser Turrets (2), Point-Defense (15), Antimatter Guns (2), Torpedo Tubes (8)[1]
Shield Meson shield[1]
Hull 25/20/15[1]
Speed 150/250kps[1]
Crew 150 + 50 warriors[1]
Affiliation Empire of Kilrah
Complement 3 transport shuttles[1]
Cargo Mostly ship-to-planet missile storage[1]
Events Terran-Kilrathi War
First appearance Wing Commander film

The Ralari-class is a type of destroyer used by the Empire of Kilrah.

This ship appears in the Wing Commander film and owes its name to the Ralari-class from the Wing Commander I game, although they differ much in appearance and specifications. This article assumes they are different revisions of ships of the same line; although it can't be determined which is earlier or later.


The Ralari was developed shortly before the War. Perhaps an innovation, as the only known ship which doesn't have a fighter complement, it is a warship used for fleet defense, planetary assault and orbital defense: The Ralari can be found in all Kilrathi task groups and convoys; In invasion operations the Ralari accompany troop transports and act as command and control; it is also effective as a bomber.[1]

During the War, the Terran Confederation has observed several thousand, and have captured many intact specimens.[1]

Two Ralaris were supporting a Sivar near the Planet 415 ambushing the CS Tiger Claw. The Claw immediately retaliated with 2 torpedoes which destroyed one of them. The other was destroyed along with the Sivar by the Baker Wing.

In a later time, a Ralari systematically bombed a planetoid in order to damage the Claw which was hiding inside a crater.


A Ralari under fire

Among the Kilrathi ships that jumped to the Sol system during the Kilrathi incursion was a Ralari, only to be destroyed under Confederation fire.[2]


For its size, the Ralari has surprising speed and maneuverability, owing to its efficient engine. It holds a complement of about 150 officers and crew and a small unit of warriors. Instead of fighters, it holds 3 large transport shuttles in its hangar(s), each having space for 100 armed warriors. Its cargo space is usually devoted to missile storage.[1]



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