Ralari-class destroyer
Type Destroyer[1]
Length 344m[1]
Weapons Turreted Lasers (6), Porcupine Mine[1]
Shield 20/12cm equivalent[1]
Hull 20/18/6cm[1]
Speed 100/150kps[1]
Yaw/Pitch/Roll 2/2/2dps[1]
Affiliation Kilrathi Empire[1]
Events Kilrathi War
First appearance Wing Commander I

The Ralari-class was a destroyer type employed by the Kilrathi Empire in the 2650s.


This type of destroyer was smaller, weaker and less armored than its counterpart.

Ralaris were significantly larger than their closest Terran Confederation equivalent, the Exeter-class, and both classes shared similar levels of maneuverability. However, for some reason their armor and shield quality was inferior to that of the Exeter.

Vaguely triangular in shape, and like the Fralthi-class, Ralaris had a distinctive, mandibled forward section; and a curved aft section. They were usually colored gray with yellow trim.

These destroyers were used mainly as planetary assault ships and convoy escorts. Variants include an armored command and control ship for coordinating amphibious landings and a ship-to-planet missile laden "strategic bomber".[Source?]


The Ralari-class Destroyer was the most modern capital ship in Kilrathi's arsenal during the early stages of the Terran-Kilrathi War. By the mid-2650s, the Kilrathi fleet would include more than three thousand of the destroyers.[Source?]

KIS Rathtak was a Ralari in the Vega Sector. The TCS Tiger's Claw was tasked in destroying it, but two pilots were lost.[2]

Vega CampaignEdit

While Killer Bees cleared the way for supply and transport ships to enter the McAuliffe system, a Ralari jumped into heading toward the Claw. Pilots from the Claw were once more tasked to destroy the Ralari, which was escorted by 2 Krants.[3]

A Ralari was also seen in Chengdu system by pilot Valkyrie who recorded its position. Krants attempted to stop the pilot but she was rescued by pilots from the Claw.[4]

In the game, the player can find said Ralari and destroy it himself.

One Ralari with an escort of Krants was also seen during a patrol mission in Dakota.[5]

Terran Confederation agents managed to capture a Ralari in Port Hedland and intended to use it in the sieges at Kurasawa. However, it was ambushed by four Grathas during this battle.[6]

This is considered to be the toughest mission of the game. Not surprisingly, the narrative of The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong mentions the destruction of the Ralari, and Carl T. LaFong's failure in this mission, as canon.

At least one Ralari with its escort of Jalthis jumped to Rostov during a Kilrathi attempt to reinforce that system, but it was caught in an ambush by pilots of the Claw.[7]

Christopher Blair is credited with nine confirmed Ralari kills while on his tour aboard the TCS Tiger's Claw. Pitak Puzaki and Marsha Shannon of the TCS Eagle's Talon, destroyed a Ralari escorted by Krants, during the defense of Hubble's Star.[8] In the Hell's Kitchen, Puzaki and Reynolds Carpenter encountered another Ralari escorted by Grathas, which attempted to stop the Talon from jumping to Venice.[9]

Ralaris were also seen in Venice, one during a patrol with its escort of Krants[10] and another with Dralthis, part of the resistance put in the system to stop the Claw's advent towards the Star Base.[11]

Operation: Thor's HammerEdit

A Ralari with its Salthi escorts was engaged by pilots of the Claw in Midgard system, while tasked to prevent the Kilrathi from exploiting the captured TCS Falstaff.[12] In the same system, another Ralari with its escort of Grathas attempted to stop the Confed pilots from recovering a captured Dralthi.[13] Another Ralari escorted by Krants was seen in Bifrost.[14] After the Confed pilots destroyed a Supply Depot, a Ralari escorted by Grathas was engaged in that vicinity.[15] Stranded ships, including a Ralari with its Gratha escort, turned against the Claw in desperation, but were fended off by the Confed pilots.[16]

When the Claw approached the Sivar in the Vigrid system, Ralaris were among the forces attempting to stop the Confed carrier, one with its Jalthi escort[17] and another, with its escort of Krants.[18]

In the non-canon losing branch of Thor's Hammer, two Ralaris with their escort of Grathas is among the opposition encountered by the Claw in its attempt to Retreat back to Confed territory.

The old and aging Ralari-class destroyers were finally replaced by the newer Ralatha-class Destroyers. However, the Kilrathi would use these Ralari-class destroyers for secondary assignments and would continue to see service up until the Battle of Earth in the year 2668.[Source?]

Known Ships Edit


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