Pulsars are rotating neutron stars, and like quasars, they are productive in jump points. Their agitated movements rotation cause dramatic space-time distortions, thus generating jump lines.[1]

The pulsars therefore produce a lot of points, which are shifting constantly according to laws of quantum indeterminacy. Theoretically a jump point can lead anywhere in the universe but it is totally unpredictable. The points also appear too close to the star's massive gravity well.[1]

Pulsars also generate unique jump points known as hypernodes; depending on speed and approach angle, one is able to jump to another "corresponding" pulsar (with an equivalent frequency) even at great distance. Traveling the jump line of a hypernode takes time in jump space, experienced by the craft and the crew.[2]

Pulsars in Terran historyEdit

There were legendary Pilgrim navigators who were able to jump pulsars, but most Terran Confederation scientists dismissed those accounts.[1]

Claw ambush

The TCS Tiger's Claw discovered a Kilrathi jump buoy which guarded a pulsar hypernode, granting access to an unknown location (obviously inside the Empire of Kilrah) where the Kilrathi concentrated their fleet. This hypernode was explored by Christopher Blair and Lindsay Price. Commodore Geoffrey Tolwyn set up an ambush against the Kilrathi who emerged from that hypernode. He was then ordered by Admiral Rhea Bergstrom to lure Kilrathi forces to Beta Seti 1 for an ill-fated ambush.[2][3]

A class-2 pulsar is found in the Vega Sector. In order to catch up the Kilrathi forces at Charybdis in time, James T. Taggart used his Pilgrim talents make the TCS Tiger's Claw jump the pulsar to the Ulysses Corridor. He had to override the ship's automatic controls as they weren't calibrated to the pulsar. The jump was a "level-5 jump-point interphase".[4]


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