Philip (aka Phil) was the fiance of Mariko Tanaka.


He was born on a Terran Confederation colony and visited Earth only once with Mariko. When Mariko was reassigned to TCS Tiger's Claw he visited her there. He arm-wrestled with Hunter and nearly sprained HHunter's wrist.[1]

He joined the Medical Corps and worked in the Epsilon Station. The Station was attacked by the Kilrathi and Spirit was and worried about him. Since they were obligated to keep comm silence in Kilrathi space, she tried to stay calm until they'd return to Terran space.[2] The last report said that the station was still under assault, but that reinforcements were on the way.[1]

Eventually it was confirmed that Philip was captured by the Kilrathi. Mariko started hating the Kilrathi even more after the death of her father.[3]

She started fantasizing of being a commando and saving Philip. After many years, nothing was ever found about him and was thought to be dead. This left Spirit to better herself as a pilot and fantasize about saving him[4]


Jazz used the memory of Philip to coerce Spirit to defect. He sent her an e-mail revealing that Philip was not dead as she feared but was actually on board the Heaven's Gate base and threatened with Philip's slow and painful death if she refused to betray the TCS Concordia.[5][6]

Before the attack against the starbase, Spirit revealed to Prankster the story and he insisted that the officers must know that Philip is in the base before attacking it; Spirit refused and obliged him not to tell anything to anyone.[7] As Spirit refused to betray the Concordia, Jazz sabotaged her F-57A Sabre. When they reached the station, an explosion crippled her fighter and she flew straight onto the station, her torpedoes exploding and destroying it. Her last words were "Tengoku de omachi shite imasu" (I am waiting for you in Heaven).[7]


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