Peron was an agricultural colony in the Luyten system originally colonized by Pilgrims.


Amity Aristee was young and visiting the planet at the time just before the war. She remembered everyone being jealous of Devi Soulsong's good looks. When Devi married Arnold (who had been visiting the planet) it turned to hate.She moved away from the planet apparently to Earth where Christopher Blair was born.

Arnold Blair was later stationed there when Christopher was a young child. His father and mother were killed when he was four during the Peron Massacre, and Christopher Blair was smuggled off the planet to his aunt Jennifer Blair and uncle Samuel to Nephele. He only remembers he was on the planet when he was litte and doesn't remember much else.[1] The only home he remembers is Nephele.

The planet represented the Pilgrim’s last stand during the Pilgrim War. For seven months Pilgrims had held fast against brutal sorties and counter-offensives. More Pilgrims died defending Peron than in any other engagement, an engagement eventually known as the Peron Massacre.[2] In time Peron fell to the stalwarts of the Confederation, and many of the Pilgrims were slain. Confed pilots went head-to-head with their Pilgrim adversaries during the battle for Peron.[3]

The survivors went on exodus to McDaniel's World.

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