Panama system war games was an event in 2622 during which the Confederation did a simulation for a new type of weapon. Fleet historian Winston Turner was there as an observer from the Confederation Service Academy.

Technicians experimented with the idea of a weapon that can punch through phased shielding of a capital ship, simply increasing the frequency of polarity shift to make the warhead blow before penetrating the shield. That weapon could break through phase shielding, small enough to be carried on a carrier-launched bomber.

Bombers from the three carriers of the Blue Team nailed the battlewagons of the Red Team. However since the Blue admiral threw away his scouting capacity by wasting his carriers, the umpires declared the strike null and void and the Red Fleet won the war in the official records.

The reports of that simulation was classified, however Ensign Geoffrey Tolwyn was informed about it.[1]

The reports however were discovered by Kilrathi on the captured Fawcett's World and inspired them developing the shield-penetrating torpedo. It also proved that the carrier speed, accumulated to that of the launched craft, was the key to success of the Blue Team. They would use these in their invasion against the Confederation.[2]

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