Planets Niven Colony
Affiliation Terran Confederation
Sector Enigma Sector

Niven is a star system in the Enigma Sector. The TCS Concordia visited that system during the Enigma Campaign where it was joined by TCS William Tell as a replacement for TCS Beowulf.

Pilots of the Concordia flew several mission while in that system.

In that mission, two P-64C Ferrets tagged Viper 1 and 2 are seen flying around Concordia and William Tell. It is not clear if these ships are piloted by Spirit and/or Banzai.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

It is possible that the Niven star system is named in homage to author Larry Niven. Niven was the creator of an extraterrestrial race of aggressive honor-bound felines named Kzinti, which have in turn been used as an inspiration for the Kilrathi.

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