The Neutron Gun is a type of gun of starfighters.

It was invented in 2618 by Eduardo Rosado of Goddard II.[1]

Neutron guns do the most heavy damage, but only at close range, and because of their power they heat up rapidly and eat up blaster power at a fast rate. A piloting mistake is to use a neutron gun from a distance (when it's less effective) and then be ill-prepared for the close-quarter combat.[2]

Kilrathi fighter that sport the Neutron Gun are the Jalthi.

Mark 40FEdit

Neutron Gun
Class Mk.40F[3]
Physical characteristics
Blast Radius 50m[3]
Max. Range 2500 mrrs[3]

Mk. 40F Neutron Gun can be found on Terran Confederation fighters such as Rapiers and Raptors.[3]

It was the most powerful Confed gun in the Confederation's arsenal, with 25% higher explosive force than the Mass Driver Cannon. Of course its effectiveness decreases with distance and uses more blaster power than the Laser Cannon. The most efficient way to use the Neutron Gun is to fire it in a close range in few quick bursts, and each time wait for blaster power to reach maximum.[4]


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