Nargth was a Kilrathi veteran admirial. Still a cub, he distinguished himself during the Kilrathi campaign against the Varni, and although not of royal blood, he quickly rose up the ranks and accumulated many honors. He was assigned to command the Second Fleet of the Claw under the Crown Prince Gilkarg nar Kiranka.

During the briefing concerning the McAuliffe Ambush, he was sceptical if the Prince's plan could succeed. When told about the new shield-penetrating torpedo, he found very risky that the bombers had to stop to launch their load, something which the Prince considered a legitimate loss. He also questioned why the attack should be launched by the carriers instead of the heavy ships. He was also concerned that the Terrans would soon set up their defenses after the first assault, to get the reply that the attack was scheduled to coincide with the Confederation Day.

After the briefing he joined Lord Vakka and they discussed the anorthodoxy of the plan; the use of carriers as the first strike force marked a change in battle doctrine, although Nargth insisted that the heavy ships would carry the day. He also criticized the plan the plan for not being aggressive enough. He favored destroying the enemy rather than taking their planets, and they should strike Earth and the inner worlds, even if that mean employing the First Fleet of the Claw.

Vakka also asked Nargth to employ his son, Jukaga nar Vakka in his staff feeling that he would be more safe with him. Nargth found strange that Vakka wanted his son to study the humans they were about to destroy.

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