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Template:Picture The Mopoks are a primitive species native to the planet Rostov III in the Rostov system.

They are a humanoid race, as they strongly resemble humans while still retaining the traits of humankind's ape-like ancestors and have reddish skin (or fur). They stand at around four to five feet tall, and are normally muscular and hunch-backed.


They normally live in the deep jungles within small huts made of stone, thatched roofs, and mud. Each village or clan is ruled by a chieftain. He normally wears a head piece to signify his leadership, while all other Mopoks wear relatively little clothing.


In 2654, Rostov III was occupied by Kilrathi marines. The Terran Confederation was already in the system trying to force out the invaders, so they appealed to their Mopok neighbors for help. Apparently the Mopoks are on good terms with the human race and competent fighters, as when Confed finally did liberate Rostov, the Mopoks were successful in capturing a small force of Kilrathi marines stranded on their planet. They were then taken into custody by Confed troops.