Affiliation Kilrathi Empire

Midgard is the code name for a star system within the space of the Kilrathi Empire.

  1. The Kilrathi were detected moving the TCS Falstaff through that system. 2 wings of Scimitars were sent from TCS Tiger's Claw to destroy it, even though this revealed their presence in Kilrathi space. Prankster and Bossman flew as Delta Wing and after passing an Jalthi patrol, they engaged the Falstaff which was escorted by 4 Krants. Then they moved against a Ralari-class and its Salthi escort.[1]
  2. The Reavers operating in the area managed to capture a Dralthi with tactical data and brought it to the Claw. Prankster and Bossman were sent to retrieve it. In order to avoid the asteroid field they passed through a Ralari-class and its Gratha escort. They found the captured Dralthi under attack by Dralthis and intercepted them. They escorted it back passing through other Dralthi wings.[2]

After this, the Claw moved to Jotunheim.


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