Mass Driver Cannon is a gun which launches mass drivers.

It is a basic, medium fighter weapon, stronger than a Laser Cannon, and heating up/draining power less than a Neutron Gun. Usage of mass drivers does not require a specific tactic, but this also means that it lacks the lasers' and neutrons' advantages, such as high range or high power.[1]

Kilrathi ships with a MDC is the Gratha[2] and the later Dralthi Mk. II.[3]

Mark 30AEdit

Mass Driver Cannon
Class Mk. 30A[4]
Physical characteristics
Blast Radius 50m[4]
Max. Range 3000mrrs[4]

Several starfighters such as the Raptor and CF-105 Scimitar, have gatling mass driver cannons.[2][4]

The MDC is stronger than the Laser Cannon and of course takes more blaster power. In order for the MDC to work, the target must be within 3000 mrrs to hit. Its effectiveness is not affected by distance no matter how far the target is. It is the only weapon with this property, as laser and neutron effectiveness decreases with distace.[5]

They fire a lot farther and stronger than laser bolts, but the mass driver projectiles move slow, negating thus the advantage of the extra range. However the combination is good against big, slow ships.[6] When the target is closer than 2000 meters, the mass driver can be destructive.[7]

Shotglass's hint to the player that MDC "fire a lot farther than laser bolts" seems to contradict the blueprints and the Ultimate Guide as the lasers are the guns with the farthest range. However the MDs have a slightly greater range than the Neutron Guns.


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