Luna is the moon of planet Earth. As such it was one of the first celestial bodies to be colonized by humans.

An early station, the Luna Station was not constructed for a permanent settlement, nor with a possibility of an internally expanding population in mind. Ass all resources, space and time are valuable, apeople received living visas to come and were gene-typed.[1]

Stationers who applied for parenting permits were again gene-typed and cross-checked for potential problems. A few weeks after conception, the embryo was checked for genetic imperfections, and any "unviable" embryos were either aborted or returned in vivo to Earth. Such routines were adopted universally to later stations when they went on-line.[1]

In the early 22nd century Luna was connected with other settlements on Mars and Titan thanks to the shuttle Sagan, one of the first Impulse engine ships.[2]

In the mid of that century, Luna (along with Phobos) supported the Olympia Station, the first permanent settlement.[3]

It was noted in the early days of colonization that despite the gene-typing to prevent mutations, the number of such occurrences, called Space Syndrome, was unusual. Statistics varied from station to station. In 2189 Dr. Synatschk reported that the combination of alien conditions such as lower gravity, stress, and a lack of dietary trace minerals, contributed to a heightened level of pre-birth defects.[1]

Luna Station was lost after 2219 during the Great Pandemics.[3]

After the Pandemics ended and Terrans repopulated the Sol system, a heavily armed sloship from the Pilgrim Alliance entered orbit around Luna. The summit with Terran leaders resulted to the Treaty of Luna.[3]

Kilrathi crisis[edit | edit source]

There were several bases and installations on or around Luna.

Incomplete carriers were abandoned in orbit around Luna.

Lunar orbital base 5 was a base where Confederation Service Academy graduates could take orientation training on the Wildcat.[4]

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