The Laser Cannon is a type of gun of starfighters.

Lasers don't do a lot of damage but they have long range, are reliable, versatile and effectice. Usually the first shots during a conflict are laser blasts. Historically, they have probably accounted for more enemy kills than any other weapon.[1]

Kilrathi fighters that sport the Laser are the Salthi, Dralthi, Krant, Gratha, Jalthi.[2]

Mark 25[edit | edit source]

Laser Cannon
Class Mk.25[3]
Physical characteristics
Blast Radius 50m[3]
Max. Range 4800 mrrs[3]

Mk. 25 Laser Cannon can be found on Terran Confederation fighters such as Hornets and Rapiers.[2][3]

Compared to other guns, the laser has more range (1800 mrrs more than any other gun) and speed, but it is also the weakest; it reaches a farther target, it reaches it rapidly, and doesn't deplete blaster power. Of course, despite its great range, its effectiveness decreases the farther away the target gets.[4]

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