Khajja, famously known as Khajja the Fang and sometimes The Machine by Terran Intelligence,[2] was an efective yet well-balanced pilot Ace of the Imperial Fleet.


He only flew a Krant Medium Fighter, one of the more effective fighters of the Imperial Fleet.[2]

At some point during the Kilrathi War, James Taggart and "Dragon" encountered Khajja while escorting a tanker. Khajja destroyed the tanker and, as the Terran pilots avoided debris from the exploding tanker, he escaped.[3][4]

Khajja escorted a Dorkir-class with supplies to the Brimstone system which was being pounded by Terran Confederation forces during the Vega Campaign. The Dorkir, which was carrying ground-to-space missiles for Brimstone II, was attacked by Maverick and Maniac of the TCS Tiger's Claw and Khajja was destroyed under their fire.[5][1]

In the game, Khajja appears in Brimstone escorting a Dorkir-class,[5] Rostov escorting a Fralthi-class,[6] Hell's Kitchen,[7]and Venice escorting a Ralari-class.[8]


Like all Kilrathi, Khajja had a taste for warfare and despised his enemies, but despite these traits he was not a rash pilot. He kept himself focused on the goal at hand and was much calmer than most of his comrades. He never yielded to the insults of his enemies and was known for his bravery: He never panicked in the middle of a tough fight. Even some Kilrathi pilots were afraid of him.[2]

He adopted a focused tactic, preferring strafing approaches with his Laser Cannon. The Krant's Heat-Seekers were reserved for important enemies (such as mission objectives) and resolved to Friend or Foe in emergencies.[2]

However his focus was considered a single-mindedness, as he tended to ignore incoming ships in order to concentrate on a strike objective. He also did not like being outnumbered.[2]


The Academy Years gives the following mechanics about Khajja's AI

Khajja's AI
No Damage Medium Damage Almost Destroyed
Enemy Near 70% try to tail; 30% strafe attack 70% fish hook; 30% strafe attack Run away at full afterburners
Enemy Slow sit and fire
Enemy Far intercept enemy fighter
Enemy Tailing 50% break right; 50% turn and kick 75% burnout; 25% break left
Head-to-Head 30% zip past; 70% strafe attack 50% zip past; 50% turn and kick
Missile Coming 20% kill missile; 80% turn and kick 50% fish hook; 50% turn and kick
Laser Hit 50% fish hook; 50% kick it 50% burnout; 50% turn and kick
On Enemy Tail tail fire
Enemy Destroyed gloat veer away


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