A Kilrathi Fralthi-class cruiser that fought many battles.

Its commander was Ralgha nar Hhallas. Ras Nik'hra participated in battles in the Vega Sector against the Waterloo-class TCS Leningrad. During the battle half of its forward cannons were disabled and a Terran fighter dove against the ship, but it was saved by a wing of Jalthis.

The ship was ordered to report to the fleet Kalrahr in the N'Tanya System and join with a strike force departing for Deneb Sector in the human frontier. However Ralgha had sworn to the rebellion against the Kilrathi Emperor and had to go to Firekka and surrender his ship to the Terran Confederation and the TCS Tiger's Claw in exchange for help.[1]

Ralgha and Kirha attempted to take control of the ship but met with great oposition from the crewmen who were loyal to the Empire, and the Pilot Officer managed to transmit a distress message.[2]

When his defection was known, pilots of the TCS Austin rendezvoused and boarded the ship. Pilots from the TCS Tiger's Claw escorted the individual Kilrathi starfighters. The Ras Nik'hra was pursued by another Fralthi KIS Kraj'nishk and 5 Krants but Prankster and Spirit came to its help and escorted it to formation with the Claw. On their way back, the ship was attacked by a wave of Dralthi Mk. II.[3]

When his defection was known, pilots from the Claw as well as Confederation Marine troopships were sent around the system to locate the ship. The TCS Holmen found it first and the Marines managed to board it.[2] However the KIS Kraj'nishk soon came to it and ordered a surrender; the two Fralthis fired broadside to each other, but pilots Spirit, Bossman and Hunter came to its help. Hunter destroying the Imperial Fralthi. and Bossman escorted the ship in formation with the Claw.[4]

When the ship got in formation, Peter Halcyon transmited a message on a coded frequency (that had been cracked by the Kilrathi), saying that the ship was destroyed in a minefield, hoping to mislead them.[3] The Fralthi stayed in formation with the Claw for a week during which most of its crewmen were taken out-system. Jimmy Caffreli worked on the Fralthi for some days and doublecheck some of its system before it was taken to Confed High Command, back to Sol Station.[5]

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