Jotunheim is the code name of a star system within the Kilrathi Empire territory, as given by the Confederation during Operation: Thor's Hammer.

The Kilrathi fleet that destroyed Goddard Colony entered the system from Midgard and made an abrupt turn towards an asteroid field.

  1. The TCS Tiger's Claw that followed the fleet reassigned some pilots to Raptors. They also received a coded communication from the last surviving Reaver Drayman-class. Prankster and Spirit flew as Beta Wing; passing through a Fralthi-class and its Salthi escort, and a wing of Grathas, they rendez-vous with the Drayman. Protecting it against waves of Krants, they escorted it to the Claw where technicians downloaded the data about the Graviton Weapon from its log.[1]
  2. After a slow track around the asteroid fields, the Kilrathi fleet gained speed and took a straight course. The Claw suspected it was leading them to ambush, and launched all fighter wings on different routes through the asteroid fields. Prankster and Spirit flew as Alpha Wing and engaged a communications Dorkir-class and its escort of Salthis. After passing through a wing of Krants, they arrived at the ambush which was set by a Fralthi-class and its escort of Grathas.[2]
  3. The Claw received a message from TCS Johann requesting assistance as it had apparently wandered off into Kilrathi space and was promptly ambushed. As Rho Wing, they engaged Grathas and Jalthis. The Johann turned out to be the Exeter-class TCS Gwenhyvar that was captured by the Kilrathi. The pilots fought against its Kilrathi-piloted F-44 Rapier IIs and destroyed the "ghost ship". On their way back they passed through Krants and Grathas.[3]

After clearing the way, the Claw proceeded to the Bifrost system.


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