Spiculum UR[1]
Spiculum ir
Type Missile
Class Image Recognition[1]
Model AIM-42
Physical characteristics
Length 2.2m[1]
Payload Illudium PEW 36[1]
Strength 9500 ESK[1]
Blast Radius 50m[1]
Max. Range 8000m[1]
Eff. Range 6000m[1]
Velocity 800kps[1]
Max. Yaw/Pitch/Roll 10/10/10dps[1]

The Image Recognition Missile memorizes the targeted ship in a pilot's sights and once locking, it tracks the targeted ship.[2]

Kilrathi ships that sport the missile are the Gratha.[3]

AIM-42 "Spiculum" IR is an all-aspect guided missile used on Terran Confederation starfighters such as the Rapiers.[1][3]

It requires a several-second lock period, during which it "memorizes" the electromagnetic silhouette, infrared signature, etc. of the target. If it overshoots, it will circle around and continue to attempt impact, however it can run out of fuel and self-destruct, or be thrown off by ECM decoys.


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